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This site is primarily devoted to genealogy and family documents that may be of interest to our extended family and distant relations.   

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Research on Abshier Name:   What we have found and think

Ancestor Facts and Stories:    Information about individuals

Ancestors in Common:            Ancestors in common between Abshier and Music  Families

American Immigrants:            Our Ancestors who Immigrated

Military Service:                     Ancestors who served their countries

Family Documents:                 Old documents that we inherited.

Foot Prints Of...:                     Scanned pages of Thelma Abshier Cessna’s book

Pedigree Chart:                      Adobe PDF Pedigree charts of 2200+ ancestors

Jay & Renea:                          Family photos and projects    


 1) Footprints of Abshier Family in America by Thelma Abshier Cessna.

2)’s software for finding other ancestors  

3) Millennia Legacy 7 Software for generating Pedigree Chart with Index and other reports.

4) Serif WebPlus X4 web development software